Mixed Emotions

Was on the phone with my brother, and my nephew got his first hair cut. My brother was so proud of him for not crying or anything. So he decided to take him out to get him something. What ever he wanted. I respect my brother for reasons like this. It may seem small but it’s a big deal.

He treats his son like a prince and I think that’s how all fathers should be. Be considerate, kind and loving. If you see your son is struggling, help him. If you see that he’s sad or angry about something, talk to him to help him clear his head. That’s a father’s job. It makes me sick sometimes knowing that I will never have any of the respect and love from my father. He never gets that it’s not about money, it’s about time.

That’s something that I’ll never get and I swear when I have kids I will be so much more then my father ever was.